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Travel & Tourism Translation Services

The translation of travel- and tourism-based literature requires specialist linguistic expertise, the use of specific vocabulary and terminology, and an in-depth knowledge of the travel business.

We only use translators who translate into their mother tongue and who have many years of specific expertise in travel and tourism translation. Because we only use a small team of tried-and-tested translators, we are able to monitor each translation closely to ensure the highest quality every time.

We also appreciate that our clients want more than just a translation. That's why we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt your translated text or document to your target audience, taking into account cultural and linguistic differences - for us, a translation is a creative work and our writing skills ensure that every text is fresh and original.

Specific expertise:

  • Guidebooks and visitor guides
  • Travel and tourism websites
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Museum and exhibition guides
  • Newspaper/magazine articles
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • Contracts and correspondence
  • Online databases
  • Website translation services


We work with all the main software packages ensuring that our translations are returned to you in the same format and layout as the original document.

We are also familiar with all major back office applications and Intranet networks, enabling us to download/upload translated texts and files directly from/to your network or website.

Translation rates:

Our prices are quoted per thousand words, with different rates applicable depending on the language combination. For documents with fewer than a thousand words, a pro-rata rate or minimum charge will be applicable depending on the length of text.

Telelingua is VAT-registered, so VAT will be added to the final invoice when appropriate.

For more information on our range of travel and tourism translation services, please call+44 (0)1873 812 012 or Contact Us.

Need more from your tourism translation service?

Translations adapted to your target market.
We have specialist linguistic expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the travel industry.

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